There are many children who are very sensitive, psychic or spiritually aware who may benefit from some help and guidance to better understand the way that they feel or the way they see the world around them.

There have always been people who from childhood have been very sensitive and many of them may struggle to interpret or express their thoughts and feelings and what they see and sense. They may feel different to other children in some ways and feel that some important parts of themselves cannot be understood by the majority of people and therefore cannot be readily shared.

Such children may be certain about what they feel because it is a deep and profoundly important part of them but self-doubt or insecurities may arise if they cannot connect with people who understand the way they feel. Some such children may struggle to accept certain aspects of their senses or feelings, especially if significant people in their lives cannot fully understand them.

There is no doubt that many of these children are old, wise souls with great strength and special purpose but they need nurturing when young to help them to be balanced and grounded so that they can be happy and healthy through their childhood and beyond.

Helping such children to be balanced is key to them having and maintaining good mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Help and guidance for them starts with listening, accepting and understanding what they think and feel. Despite them having great innate wisdom they may see or sense things that they don't understand and maybe fear. This may affect their relationships and behaviour and have a detrimental impact on their lives.

I can give help, guidance and healing to children in person or via Skype, with parental permission and presence. Pease contact me for further information or to arrange a session.